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Bidstack is the leading
in-game advertising platform.

Bidstack empowers brands to place advertising into spaces that sit naturally within video games.

Our ads are designed to be contextually relevant, fit the aesthetics of the games they appear in and protect the gaming experience. This could be trackside banners, cityscape billboards, pitchside LED boards and other native spaces within the virtual world.

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Our pioneering in-game advertising technology helps brands to reach a diverse, growing and highly engaged audience in a brand-safe and seamless way.

Whether it’s static or dynamic, direct or programmatic, advertisers can track and manage the success of their campaigns in real-time at the touch of a button.

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Game Developers

Our ads are not pop-ups or unskippable videos, they are native ads that fit seamlessly into in-game environments. We help game developers make the most out of these spaces, without breaking immersion for gamers.

Through the one time integration of our SDK game developers of all sizes can unlock Bidstack’s strategic partnerships with brands and agencies globally and establish a new, incremental revenue stream.

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Bidstack SDK

The lightweight Bidstack SDK was designed with our gaming partners in mind. Our onboarding team is on hand to support you through the integration of our tech and make the process as fast and frictionless as possible. No disruption to game performance. No disruption to gamers.

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Manage, monitor and record the success of your campaigns and inventory with our easy-to-use AdConsole.

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Creative Ad Formats

We are here to make sure that you get the
most from your in-game campaigns.

Our Client Services and Design teams are on hand to walk you through the process and to advise you on the kinds of creatives that deliver the best results.

To learn more about our in-game ad formats and creative specs click on the button below.

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