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Brand Safe. Viewable. Unintrusive.

Bidstack programmatically delivers ads into natural spaces within video games.

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We serve ads into native spaces within games, without interrupting gameplay. Our adverts can be delivered on a direct or programmatic basis, offering flexibility to our advertising partners.

Our unique, in-game inventory is served across PC, mobile and console and opens the door for advertisers and brands to authentically engage with gamers around the world.

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Engage A Hard To Reach Audience

We help brands to connect with a growing, diverse and hard to reach audience, in premium video games.

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Compatible Ad Formats And Standards

We utilise standard advertising formats and work with trusted vendors to make in-game advertising simple and straightforward.

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Brand Safe, Fraud Free

As the first multi-device in-game advertising platform to be awarded the IAB Gold Standard, our tech gives partners control over placement and environments.

Brand Safety Policy

Deterministic Data Sets

With access to anonymised first-party data via our SDK, we can guarantee our partners hit their target audience with 100% accuracy.

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Case Studies

Case Studies  |  June 25, 2020
twmi and Bidstack partnered up to help evolve MG Motor UK's marketing strategy by increasing brand awareness among a younger demographic and reaching an untapped audience...
  • Agency: tmwi
  • Advertiser: MG Motor UK
  • Brand: MG, MG3
  • Platform: The Audience Store
  • Media Owner: Bidstack
  • Target Audience: 18-35 males
Case Studies  |  April 29, 2020
Mindshare Turkey, The Trade Desk ™ and Bidstack teamed up to deliver the first-ever in-game programmatic campaign in Turkey with Unilever Turkey brands Rexona and Clear. Unilever are global sponsors of La Liga...
  • Agency: Mindshare Turkey
  • Advertiser: Unilever
  • Brand: Clear, Rexona
  • Platform: The Trade Desk™
  • Media Owner: Bidstack
  • Target Audience: Young males interested in football
Case Studies  |  April 23, 2020
Penguin Random House
Penguin Random House were building their marketing activity around the release of comedian Romesh Rangananthan’s new book, Straight Outta Crawley in the lead up to Christmas 2019...
  • Agency: N/A
  • Advertiser: Penguin Random House
  • Brand: Straight Outta Crawley - Romesh Rangananthan
  • Platform: Bidstack
  • Media Owner: Bidstack
  • Target Audience: 20-29 Males

Brand Safe And In View

We are the first and only multi-device in-game advertising platform to be awarded the IAB UK Gold Standard Certification in recognition of the high digital advertising standards we uphold.

With Bidstack, brands can advertise in AAA gaming environments with confidence. Advertisers and brands can choose which games their creatives appear in, where their ads appear in-game and when they display. They can also track ad viewability and exposure times through our proprietary ad server, AdConsole.

Brand Safety Policy


Bidstack AdConsole offers real-time reporting and detailed analytics for Game Developers.

Here, our partners can monitor campaign progress, manage creative approvals, analyse inventory reporting and view how ads have appeared in their games. We empower advertisers to make data-driven decisions with our real-time data and reporting tools.

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Identify Your Audience, Take Control

Our proprietary adserver hands the power to advertisers and brands to build smart campaigns that engage their target audience. We work with our clients to define their core audience through demographic data, geo-location and device data, amongst other segments.

Through direct or programmatic activations, our partners can also manage criteria such as frequency capping, dayparting, age gating and time segmentation.

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Creative Ad Formats

Whether it's static or dynamic, direct or programmatic, we work with our clients to make sure that they get the most from their in-game advertising campaigns.

Our Client Services and Design teams are on hand to walk advertisers through the process and to advise them on the creatives that will deliver the best results.

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The In-Game Advertising Ecosystem

Bidstack developed the world's first proprietary SSP for native in-game advertising.

Our tech stack aggregates inventory from a number of leading game publishers so that advertisers can run campaigns programmatically, with ease.

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