Revolutionary in-game, native advertising for game publishers and advertisers.

bidstack offers advertisers and game publishers the ability to turn in-game billboards, into advertising opportunities.




Native in-game advertising campaigns

Reach massive in-game audiences within Football Manager 18, through the use of the revolutionary bidstack platform. Create a campaign in minutes.

Powerful analytics and transparent reporting

See where your campaign money is going and the impressions you are making. Our reporting makes it super simple to refine and evolve your campaigns.

Simple pricing structures and managed campaigns

With over 1 million matches played per day and a cost of 0.3p per ad play, you can reach thousands of captive audience members in a relatively small budget.

Publishers ❤️ bidstack

Integrate bidstack into your game title easily and turn in-game inventory into native, immersive advertising space.

Incredibly Simple API

Our API allows complete integration with your game to allow you to maximise revenue by offering realtime trigger based programmatic advertising to some of the biggest brands in the world.

Powerful SDK

Our SDK allows integration of native ads connected to a programmatic system. Giving you the perfect blend of functionality and ROI.

Adding billboard space into your gaming environment?

bidstack would like to talk to you on how we empower brands to place contextual, native advertising within your virtual worlds.

We operate on a revenue share basis - and our easy to integrate API makes integration a seamless process.

Our in-house copy approval experts act as a gatekeeper, to ensure copy is appropriate to your audience and in-place licensing agreements.

bidstack for Game Publishers

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is bidstack?

bidstack is a platform that empowers direct buyer and agencies to dynamically buy in-game native billboard space within video games, initially Football Manager 2018.

How do I get started?

Click on the platform button - select if you’re a direct buyer or agency, complete the initial forms. Then create a campaign. There’s step by step instructions on there. If you need help - please use our on-site chat.

Can I implement it into my game?

If you have authentic to the environment billboard space within your game - whether on mobile, console or PC - we want to talk to you. bidstack’s API can be fit into in-development titles, as well as retro-fit within already shipped games.

How much does it cost?

bidstack campaigns run on a CPM basis, with rates between £3 - £4 per thousand impressions. For budgets up to £10k, you can use your debit or credit card. Once your campaigns exceed £10k, our team will set you up with a tailored billing plan.

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