Stadium environments

Change the game with integrated branding that blends in seamlessly

Ads in our stadium games typically feature spaces such as pitchside hoardings or LED boards that appear around the action. Think pitches, rinks, rings, octagons, fields and courts.

Our in house design team are here to help with the creative process

These ads can be static or animated and our design team are on hand to ensure our partners get the most from their campaigns with best-in-class creative support.

Creative specifications

Stadium environments

Ads served into stadium environments can vary from static banners to 8 second animated creatives that can convey more complex brand messages.


What we need

Brand guidelines

High-resolution logo

Fonts and typefaces

Background colours / hex codes

High-resolution imagery / videos


Creative guidlines

Static image or an animation up to 8 seconds

Clear logo and high resolution images

Clear, large and minimal text

Light text on dark background and vice versa

One line of text per frame (for animations)

Soft CTA’s (e.g. “order now”, “available now”)

What to avoid

Double stacked logos

Double stacked messaging

Buttons or links

Poor colour contrast


About dimensions

Programmatic campaigns utilise IAB standard sizes and can be delivered in the formats listed here while there is greater variation in sizes for direct campaigns.

Programmatic campaigns

728 x 90

Direct campaigns

728 x 90

2160 x 100

900 x 150

512 x 128