Racing environments

Make your brand an authentic part of the racing experience

Our intrinsic ads are served into high fidelity, triple AAA racing titles without affecting performance.

Where your ads will be seen

Ads in racing environments are typically static and allow brands to build brand awareness with their target audience. Our racing inventory covers trackside hoardings, the start/finish line of races and flags and banners throughout each race.

Creative specifications

Racing environments

Based on the findings of our attention and eye tracking studies we know that the best way to engage with racing gamers is via a logo-only creative which is shown at multiple touchpoints throughout a race.


What we need

High-resolution logo

Background colours / hex codes

Creative guidlines

Clear and high resolution logo

Light logo on dark background and vice versa

What to avoid

Small text or brand messaging

CTA buttons

Complex imagery

Background with a pattern

Poor colour contrast (e.g. green and yellow)


About dimensions

Programmatic campaigns utilise IAB standard sizes and can be delivered in the formats listed here while there is greater variation in sizes for direct campaigns.

Programmatic campaigns

728 x 90

300 x 250

970 x 250

Direct campaigns

728 x 90

900 x 150

335 x 280

970 x 250