Pubguard – The ad quality management platform

Pubguard analyses and monitors ad impressions to identify and report bad ads. Their self-service dashboard gives publishers full visibility on the ads that are disrupting users and affecting user retention.

Always on guard

Download the Pubguard SDK and start protecting your users by monitoring the ad content they are receiving. Deliver a better user experience, improve user engagement and increase yield with their easy to integrate solution.

Stop bad ads at the source

Pubguard’s platform hands the power to publishers to control and monitor bad ads transparently. Discover the source of bad ads with detailed reporting and have them reviewed by the ad networks responsible for them.

Take control of ad quality

Pubguard’s dashboard allows you to review the creatives that have been approved, flagged or blocked with ease. Publishers have full control over their inventory and can review, amend and accept ad quality checks at the click of a button.

24/7 Protection

Pubguard’s high frequency, low latency SDK offers you continuous protection and round the clock care.


Pubguard provides the most comprehensive range of ad network support of any ad quality tool on the market.


Through their self-service dashboard, you have total control of the adverts that run on your content.