Open world environments

In open world games the possibilities are endless

In-game advertising is not just limited to sporting titles, ads can also be inserted into a number of spaces within open-world games.

Where your ads will be seen

This covers cityscapes, billboards, branded vehicles, buildings and other surfaces within virtual worlds where gamers might expect to see advertising in everyday life.

Creative specifications

Open world environments 

The vast scope of open world games mean that in-game creatives can vary greatly from game to game. Our creative team is on hand to help you deliver your brand message in-game authentically across all of our inventory, get in touch to discover how we can bring your brand to life in an open world game.


What we need

Brand guidelines

High-resolution logo, all fonts and typefaces, background colours & hex codes

High-resolution imagery / videos


Dimensions for open world games vary widely from game to game

Creative guidlines

Static image or an animation depending on the surface

Clear logo and high resolution images

Clear, large and minimal text

Light text on dark background and vice versa

One line of text per frame (for animations)

Soft CTA’s (e.g. “order now”, “available now”)

What to avoid

Double stacked logos

Double stacked messaging

CTA buttons (e.g. “click here”, “buy here”, “learn more”)

Poor colour contrast that would make the creative difficult to read (e.g. green and yellow)