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May 25, 2021

Each week the Bidstack team curates the most interesting stories from the world of gaming, advertising and esports to help you keep ahead of the pack when it comes to in-game advertising.

Discover the most interesting news and views from the past week below.

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What Is In-Game Advertising, And Why Should Brands Care?

Luke Aldridge of Dentsu's DGame takes a deep dive into in-game advertising in this article for LA Thinks. He explains why advertising in-game is beneficial for marketers and explores some of the advantages the format has over other paid media channels.

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Game On: Brands And The Rising Popularity Of Esports

When COVID-19 led to the postponement of major sporting competitions around the globe, there was one form of contest that surged - esports. CMO explore the rise of the esports sector and how marketers can tap into this growing audience and community to build brand through the funnel.

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EVOS Esports Collaborates With Puma

Last week, EVOS Esports, the leading esports organisation in Southeast Asia, announced a collaboration with PUMA. The collaboration includes an exclusive co-branded EVOS Esports PUMA tracksuit and the first-ever unique activation by bundling both virtual and physical items together.

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Esports Drives User Engagement And Revenue For Free-To-Play Games

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, the video games business model flipped. This was the first time major premium publishers EA, Activision-Blizzard, and Take-Two generated more revenue through in-game transactions than PC and console game sales, representing on average 57% of revenue.

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How Video Games Improved My Mental Health

Jenna Brillhart opens up about lockdown burnout and discusses how gaming helped to improve her mental health. Consulting with Dr Emily Nagoski, together they explore the ways simulation games can help us destress and ease our anxiety during the pandemic.

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Inside India’s Booming Mobile Gaming Industry And A Multi-Billion Dollar Opportunity

In this piece, GQ takes a look at India’s mobile gaming industry. During lockdown ‘gaming went berserk’, and by the end of 2020, India had the most downloads of mobile games globally. At 7.3 billion, it had about 17% of all worldwide downloads and the market doesn’t show any signs of slowing.

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