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Blog  |  October 19, 2019 |  4 min read
5 Reasons Why Game Developers Are Embracing In-Game Advertising
Lewis Hadley

Lewis Hadley

The success of multimillion selling titles such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Red Dead Redemption 2 and FIFA 19 has seen gaming revenues outstrip those of the film and music industries combined. Esports audiences are overshadowing the world’s biggest sporting events, with more people tuning into the League of Legends World Championship than the Super Bowl, (100M vs 98M) and 16 year old Fortnite World Champion, Kyle Giersdorf, winning more prize money than Djokovic earned at Wimbledon this year, ($3M vs $2.9)! Despite this growth, the immersive worlds that games create, have remained almost entirely untouched by brands, until now. 

Game Developers are beginning to explore the opportunities in-game advertising can offer whilst seeking to protect their artwork and their audience from intrusive and disruptive ad formats and inappropriate content. 

Bidstack helps brands to connect with game developers and reach gamers by advertising in natural spaces within games, be that pitchside in a football game, trackside in a racing game or on billboards in open-world formats. 

Given the sheer effort required to craft their titles, Games Developers, naturally are protective of their games, harbour reservations to the quality of advertisers and creatives that sit within their titles and their ability to blend seamlessly with the game play. 

Bidstack has already partnered with some of the industry’s  leading lights and we’re adding  new titles to our roster  all the time. Here are just a few of the reasons why game developers are beginning to embrace in-game advertising:

1. To Unlock A New Revenue Stream 

The huge drop in disk sales and rise of the free-to-play business model, has required games developers to seek innovative ways to generate revenue. Selling native in-game advertising within their titles provides an easy and fitting solution. 

Utilising naturally occurring ad spaces in games, Bidstack can directly and programmatically serve targeted ads to gamers using its proprietary tech. By serving ads in this manner, we never break immersion and protect the gaming experience.

The total UK advertising market is worth  £23.6bn and digital ads account for 13.4bn of that figure. With  ad blocking on the rise and  traditional ad channels on the decline, brands and advertisers are looking for innovative new ways to interact with their audience.

Integrating native ads into a game creates a new revenue stream that is free to integrate, free to run and delivers a healthy financial boost.

2. We Are Custodians Of Your Artwork 

Maintaining the integrity and authenticity of gaming titles is central to what Bidstack does and the reason they have comprehensive brand safety policies in place is to protect our partners. 

We recently acquired the ad fraud prevention platform  Pubguard, whose proprietary technology reviews creatives that are served in-game. This prevents malicious, offensive and inappropriate content from ever appearing in the games we work with.

Pubguard review billions of ads every month using advanced image and code recognition technologies for clients such as  Electronic Arts and  Under Armour and their technology is built into our SDK and delivered to our clients for free. 

3. Easy Integration, Lightweight SDK

Our SDK is lightweight and integrates seamlessly into the photorealistic, 3D, hi-fidelity, 60fps games we work with; critically without affecting game performance.

We can have it set up within a matter of hours meaning clients can monetise their titles quickly, with the help of our tech team who are on hand to guide new clients through the onboarding process.

Our SDK works on C++, IOS, Android and Unity and we will be able to support Unreal and Lumberyard very soon. 

4. Increased Brand Partnerships

One of the key reasons game developers work with us is our relationships with agencies, brands and advertisers. We are seen as the access point into gaming by advertisers and this means game makers looking to work with world leading brands can leverage our existing relationships. 

Our software enables games developers to resell their inventory multiple times to multiple brands; thereby increasing the number of relationships that can be built between game developers and brands. What starts as an in-game ad on a pitchside billboard, could lead to lucrative brand partnership as we’ve seen recently with examples such as the Cannes Lion Grand Prix winning Wendy’s Fortnite campaign and  The NFL with Angry Birds.

5. We Put Gamers First

The Bidstack team are gamers themselves and understand the attitudes gamers have toward advertising. 

We protect the game’s artwork with our proprietary compliance tools and always aim to maintain the authenticity a title with realistic ad placements which enhance the gaming experience.

We also work with our gaming partners to give back to the gaming community through giveaways, online tournaments and  esports events. Engaging with the gaming community allows us to create an authentic, positive affinity with them and show what advertising done right should look like. 

If you’re a games developer and would like to explore in-game advertising, get in touch with us at


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