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Bidstack News  |  June 16, 2020
The Bidstack Bulletin: 16th June 2020

Each week the Bidstack team curate the most interesting stories from the world of gaming, advertising and esports to help you keep ahead of the pack when it comes to in-game advertising.

Discover the most interesting news and views from the past week below.

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Sony’s PS5 show impresses with ‘Horizon Forbidden West,’ dual consoles, but still no price

Sony definitely did it their own way when it came to their 85 minute stream. The event showed the diversity of genres with titles such as Spiderman: Miles Morales, Horizon Forbidden West and Sackboy: A Big Adventure, available to play on PS5. To end the stream, Sony unveiled the disc-using and digital only versions of the next gen console which shows their intention of increasing their share of the digital market.

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Desktop games added more DAUs than mobile during COVID-19 pandemic

Unity’s latest data report shows that desktop games have been a substantial increase in DAUs than mobile during the pandemic. The report goes on to specify that games that fall in the HD games category (across PC, Mac OS and other desktop platforms) have seen a 46% increase in DAUs compared to the previous year.

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‘Stereotypes are boring’: why marketers need to start paying attention to female gamers

The gaming industry in the last decade has seen a big attitudinal shift of female gamers. Once women who gamed were seen as strange or weird, now we are seeing statistics that women make up 45% of gamers. This rise in female gamers could be attributed to the accessibility of mobile gaming but also the vast breadth of genres available for gamers to enjoy.

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Advertisers eye in-game ads as audiences swell in lockdown

The pandemic has forced a lot of advertisers to experiment with advertising channels outside of their original media plan. Braver brands like Adidas and MG started to use in-game advertising to reach their target audience and they’ve both reaped massive rewards for the activations so far. So what can in-game advertising deliver that other media channels aren’t right now?

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Japan's video gaming grandma, 90, plays her way into record books

Gaming truly had no age barrier. Take Hamako Mori for example, at the age of 90, she is known as the Gamer Grandma and is the current Guinness World Record holder for the oldest Youtube gamer. Taking up gaming 40 years ago, Mori has played over 200 titles with her favourite games being Grand Theft Auto and Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Amazing!

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NP Gaming: State of Play Study released

NP Strategy Group released a report that has identified key differences between male and females gamers. Surveying over 3000 US respondents, NP found that female gamers tend to lean more towards the mobile, casual and role playing games whereas men prefer shooter, action and adventure. Device wise, console is still the most popular platform to play on.

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Each week the Bidstack team curate the most interesting stories from the world of gaming, advertising and esports to help you keep ahead of the pack when it comes to in-game advertising.

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