Mobile game developers

Increase revenue, enhance gameplay, maintain performance

Leverage Bidstack’s strategic relationships with the world’s biggest ad agencies and premium brands to open up a new, complementary revenue stream.

Our in-game solution is designed to monetise your games without impacting on performance or intruding on the playing experience.

We serve native ads that fit seamlessly into in-game environments, they are not pop-ups, interstitials or unskippable videos. Our ads enhance your gameplay and open up an entirely new revenue stream.

Immersive, not intrusive

Tested, audited, trusted

Bidstack’s multi-platform SDK was designed with game developers in mind, our tech is easy to integrate and ensures no drop in performance for your games.

Our SDK works across PC, mobile and console and is compatible with custom and off-the-shelf engines such as Unity and Unreal. The SDK can also be retrofitted into titles that are already live or built into the dev cycle for upcoming releases.

A complementary new revenue stream

Our tech creates a new sustainable revenue stream that sits alongside your existing monetisation strategies.

Connect with our team to discover how we can help you to enhance your games with subtle ad placements and benefit from the growing advertising budgets that are being channelled into gaming.

Premium brands = premium experiences

We have strategic relationships with the world’s biggest advertising agencies and premium brands.

Integrating unintrusive brand messages from well known brands into your games can enhance the realism of gameplay and create a more premium experience for your audience.

Stay in control

We hand the power to you to decide which ads appear in your games. Use our self service tools to manage the ad formats, brand approvals and creatives that your audience see in-game.

Get real-time insights into the creatives being served in-game and track your earnings to maintain a premium experience for your audience.

“We are delighted to be a partner with Bidstack. They have been a very easy and helpful to work with. The SDK is very straightforward to integrate, we had it up and running in a day. This is the kind of advertisement with fits our mobile games perfectly. They do not distract the players and Bidstack only brings brands that will improve the appearance of our game.”

Marcus Dawson

CEO, Illusion Labs

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