In-menu ads overview

A new, interactive gaming touchpoint

Our in-menu format offers clickable IAB standard display banners that allow brands to deliver integrated ads into game menus, user interfaces and loading screens across mobile games.

The ads, which blend seamlessly into the game’s UI, can be bought programmatically and create a highly viewable and interactive touchpoint for brands looking to connect with the gaming audience at scale.

Changing the game

For mobile game developers, in-menu ads mean that they can run integrated campaigns across two touchpoints with Bidstack. The format helps to increase fill rates and opens up an entirely new revenue stream for game developers.

Bidstack’s mobile gaming partners can also monitor ad performance analytics and revenue generation reports through AdConsole.

Respecting the gamer

Our in-menu units respect the gaming experience by putting players in control of the interaction. The units never interrupt gameplay and display as a discreet in-game banner alongside other menu items. Players can click on them if they want to discover more or they can continue in-game and focus on their playing experience.

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