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Build relationships with world-leading brands and enhance gameplay with intrinsic advertising that puts the player first.

The future of in-game advertising

Bidstack serve native adverts that fit seamlessly into your games, our ads aren’t pop-ups, interstitials or unskippable videos, they form a part of the experience, add a layer of authenticity and deliver significant revenues.

Premium brands, seamless tech

A new, incremental revenue stream

Open up a new sustainable revenue stream that compliments your existing strategies and protects the gaming experience.

Bidstack has strategic relationships with the world’s biggest advertising agencies and premium brands. Advertisers are investing in gaming at record levels and by integrating our technology into your games we can open the door to this growing spend.

Better ads = happy gamers

The ads we serve in-game are designed to fit seamlessly into your gameplay and enhance the realism, delivering an experience that gamers want.

Our solution doesn’t compromise your artwork or the immersion of your loyal audience. Click-free in-game ads work with your game design, rather than against it, to protect your virtual world and maintain authenticity.

Performance is our priority

Bidstack’s multi-platform SDK was designed with game developers in mind, our tech is easy to integrate and ensures no drop in performance for your games.

Our SDK works across PC, mobile and console and is compatible with custom and off-the-shelf engines such as Unity and Unreal. The SDK can also be retrofitted into titles that are already live or built into the dev cycle for upcoming releases.

Maintain creative control

Manage the ads served into your games, monitor performance data in real-time and take control of ad formats and brand approvals via Bidstack’s AdConsole.

We protect your intellectual property and ensure that the right content is delivered into the right in-game environment every time by running campaigns through our brand-safety checks, verification tools and comprehensive approvals system.

Their cutting-edge technology allows us to serve impactful real-world ads in the form of realistic, perimeter pitch side advertising in Football Manager. This enables us to further monetise our titles, which we can invest in future games and events. It also helps to add to the immersive match experience for FM players.”

Dr Tom Markham

Head of Strategic Business Development, Sports Interactive

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