Discover in-game advertising

Engage a hard to reach audience

Create unique in-game advertising campaigns through Bidstack’s programmatic platform and serve targeted ads to an audience of avid gamers.

We serve ads into native spaces within games, without interrupting gameplay

Our unique in-play inventory is served across PC, mobile and console and opens the door for advertisers and brands to deliver campaigns on a direct and programmatic basis.

Brand-safe, viewable, unintrusive

Control your campaigns

Our proprietary adserver hands the power to advertisers and brands to build smart campaigns that engage their target audience.

We work with clients to define their core audience through demographic data, geo-location and device data, amongst other segments. Our partners can also manage criteria such as frequency capping, day-parting, age-gating and time segmentation.

Create authentic experiences

We help brands to connect with a growing, diverse and hard to reach audience in premium video games.

Collaborate with our team to build creatives that are intrinsic to the gaming experience and deliver your brand messages authentically to a highly engaged and passionate audience.

Track performance in real-time

Bidstack AdConsole offers transparency with real-time reporting and detailed analytics on campaign performance.

Here you can monitor progress, view how your ads have appeared in play, and make data-driven decisions with real-time data from our self-service platform.

Viewable and compatible

We utilise standard advertising formats and work with trusted vendors to make in-game advertising simple and straightforward.

Choose the games your creatives appear in, when they display, and track ad-viewability and exposure times across your campaign.

Let’s start a conversation

We’re always excited to start new conversations with anyone interested in the world of in-game advertising. We look forward to hearing from you.