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Contextually Relevant. Realistic. Unintrusive.

Bidstack delivers real-world ads into natural spaces within games.

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We serve native adverts that fit seamlessly into in-game environments. Our ads are not pop-ups, they are not interstitials, and they are not unskippable videos.

Our tech ensures that we protect in-game environments and help Game Developers to emulate real-world experiences without interrupting gameplay.

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Why Work With Us?

The advertising industry spends more than $500 billion every year and brands and agencies are now utilising gaming as a key advertising channel.

Integrating our lightweight SDK allows Game Developers of all sizes to unlock a portion of this spend.

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Your New Revenue Stream

By joining the Bidstack community, Game Developers can leverage our strategic partnerships with world-leading advertising agencies and brands to open up a new, incremental revenue stream.

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We hand the power to Game Developers to decide which ads appear in their games.

Our partners have total control over the ad formats, brand approvals and creatives their audience sees via Bidstack's AdConsole.

We protect their Intellectual Property and ensure that the right content is delivered into the right environment by running each campaign through our comprehensive approvals system.

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Our multi-platform, lightweight SDK was designed with our gaming partners in mind.

Integration is free and can take as little as 48 hours. Our Onboarding Team is on hand to support partners through the process and make it as simple and straightforward as possible.

The Bidstack SDK works across PC, mobile and console and is compatible with custom and off-the-shelf engines such as Unity and Unreal. The SDK can be retrofitted into titles that are already live or built into the dev cycle for upcoming releases.

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Bidstack AdConsole offers real-time reporting and detailed analytics for Game Developers.

Here, our partners can monitor campaign progress, manage creative approvals, analyse inventory reporting and view how ads have appeared in their games.

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As Featured in

Which environments work best?


These are typically sports-based games that feature advertising hoardings or LED boards in natural places around the action (e.g. pitches, rinks, rings, octagons, fields and courts).


Racing games of all kinds work well with our technology with start/finish lines, flags, banners and trackside hoardings all being typical of the real-world environment.

Open World

This covers cityscapes, billboards, branded vehicles, buildings and other surfaces within virtual worlds where gamers might expect to see advertising in their everyday lives.

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