Premium brands, seamless tech

Create a new, incremental revenue stream for your game

Build relationships with world-leading brands and enhance gameplay with intrinsic advertising that puts the player first.

Bidstack has strategic relationships with the world’s biggest advertising agency groups and works with premium brands globally

Leverage these relationships to deliver premium in-game brand messages to your audience and take control of the creatives you serve in-game.

Contextually relevant, realistic, unintrusive

Utilise trusted technology

Our SDK has been tested, audited and integrated into several AAA, high-fidelity games from world-renowned game publishers.

Integration is free and can take as little as 48 hours. Our onboarding team is on hand to support you through the process and to make it as simple and straightforward as possible.

Stay in control

We hand the power to you to decide which ads appear in your games. Use our reporting hub to manage the ad formats, brand approvals and creatives that your audience sees via Bidstack’s AdConsole.

Get real-time insights into the creatives being served and track your earnings to maintain a premium experience for your audience.

Develop a new revenue stream

Our technology was built to offer you a complementary and sustainable revenue stream that sits alongside your existing monetisation strategies.

Connect with our team to discover how we can help you enhance your games with subtle ad placements and benefit from the advertising budgets that are being channelled into gaming.

Protect the gaming experience

We deliver an advertising solution that doesn’t compromise the gaming experience, gameplay or your loyal audience. Our native in-game ads protect and respect your artwork while putting the player experience first.

Learn more about how our reliable, efficient and low impact tech delivers authentic in-play ads that help to deliver an experience that gamers welcome.

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Let’s start a conversation

Get in touch to discover more about the world of in-game advertising. We look forward to hearing from you!