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Control how your intellectual property is monetised in-game

Manage the ads that appear within your game and protect your IP so that gamers experience your games as you intended them.

AdConsole is our analytics and reporting service which makes game developer’s lives easier

Bidstack aims to deliver intrinsic advertising experiences into your games that don’t disrupt the playing experience, which is why we hand the power to you to control which brands appear in-game, as well as when and where they appear.

Maintain creative control

Robust brand approvals

We want the brands that appear in your games to reflect your values. On integrating our technology, you can provide us with blacklisted categories or specific brands, and we can ensure that these never appear in-game.

Alternatively, you can utilise our two-tier brand approvals system to have the final say before they appear in-game.

Timing is everything

You can also take control of when our unintrusive ads appear in your game, be it by time of day, set dates or even the hours that they are active in selected geos. Through our AdConsole, you can manage when in-game ads are delivered to your loyal fanbase.

Added realism

As your games evolve and develop, our SDK can too. It is a simple and straightforward process to add our in-game technology to new surfaces, spaces, skins and other objects in your games as you add new levels or reimagine existing maps.

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