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Case Studies  |  April 29, 2020

Agency: Mindshare Turkey
Unilever Turkey
Clear, Rexona
The Trade Desk ™ 
Media Owner:
Target Audience:
Young males interested in football


Mindshare Turkey, The Trade Desk ™ and Bidstack teamed up to deliver the first-ever in-game programmatic campaign in Turkey with Unilever Turkey brands Rexona and Clear. Unilever are global sponsors of La Liga and activate this via their brands in Turkey. Football is a great way to engage with their target audience, and given that younger males makes up a large portion of the in-game audience, advertising in online football games was a perfect solution.


Unilever Turkey wanted to create a media strategy around their partnership with La Liga and reach an engaged, young male demographic. With this in mind, the brand wanted to explore the use of Bidstack’s unique in-game inventory and expertise to reach their target audience. They also wanted to reinforce brand associations with lifelike creatives served in-game.

Image: Unilever's creative delivered in Football Manager 20

Image: Unilever Turkey’s creative delivered in Football Manager 19


Mindshare Turkey were able to leverage their industry relationships to bring together two experts in their field to deliver a media first – programmatically delivering adverts into a video game environment.

Using Bidstack’s unique in-game inventory space and The Trade Desk™’s technology, Unilever Turkey utilised specific creatives that had appropriate in-game messaging and highlighted their links to football. The creatives replicated the sorts of ads you would expect to see in a real-world football match, enhancing the realistic features of the game for the gamer without intruding on their experience.

Image: Unilever's creative delivered in Football Manager 20

Image: Unilever Turkey’s creative delivered in Football Manager 19

  • A media first in Turkey (first programmatic in-game buy via The Trade Desk)
  • The first CPG campaigns run programmatically across Bidstack globally
  • 8 seconds of exposure per impression
  • Parity of delivery with other media buys via The Trade Desk™
  • No ad blocking, reducing media wastage
  • Ads served into a brand-safe environment with full transparency

Source: GWI 2020


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