The gateway to gamers

Create unique in-game advertising campaigns and utilise deterministic data sets to reach an audience of avid gamers without interrupting gameplay.

Immersive, not intrusive

Bidstack serves ads into natural spaces within video games, where gamers would expect to see advertising in real life. This could be trackside banners, cityscape billboards, pitchside LED boards or other spaces within a game’s virtual world.

Our in-play inventory is served across PC, Mobile, VR and Console, and opens the door for brands to interact with gamers authentically when they are highly engaged.

Reach the unreachables

The great and the good of gaming

We work with the biggest and boldest game developers in the world to ensure that our partners can reach sought-after audiences in premium environments. Our ads are not pop-ups, interstitials or unskippable videos; they are assets that are an intrinsic part of the gaming experience.

We offer you a gateway to engage with gamers without compromising the authenticity of their gaming experience.

Brand safe and in-view

With Bidstack, brands can advertise in premium, high fidelity, AAA gaming environments with confidence. You can control which games your creatives appear in, where you appear in-game and when you display.

You can also track ad viewability, exposure times, valid traffic and verify that your audience are being reached via our trusted verification partners.

Deterministic data sets

Our authentic brand activations are strengthened by anonymised first-party data which ensures that you reach the right audience at the right time.

Run campaigns in-game, in-tournament, in-stream and via bespoke partnerships with our network of influencers and content creators, and produce exciting and engaging native content.

Diverse, affluent, growing

Gaming is comfortably the biggest entertainment medium around, and the addressable market engaging with gaming content grows by the day. We open the door for you to showcase your brand and to target different player personas across gaming genres and territories.

Get in touch with our team today to discover how to interact with the hard to reach gaming audience.

#GetInTheGame and discover the power of in-game advertising

Our ads are designed to be contextually relevant, to fit the aesthetics of the games they appear in, and to protect the gaming experience.

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