Bidstack Sports

Our dedicated sports technology division revolutionises traditional sports models for fan engagement, sponsorship revenues, and media valuations in the virtual space.

Unlock cross-world sports sponsorship

Integrate technology designed exclusively for sports simulation IP to provide rights holders with dynamic content and independent commercial control over licensed virtual environments alongside their real-world assets.

Serve the next generation of fan

Enable rights holder partners to personalise virtual venues and in-stadium likeness whilst engaging their next-gen fans. Leverage our real-time content management tools and utilise our targeting capabilities to amplify and enhance the player experience.

Break new ground

Access a dedicated platform powered by real-time performance data and insight to dynamically manage advertising and communications between licensed and unlicensed stadium environments.

Mirror the real-world aesthetic and commercial opportunity of traditional sports

Synchronise spaces

Enable rights holders to independently manage and monetise virtual stadiums in parallel with real-world venues.

Unlock cross-world sponsorship

Unlock virtual inventories for rights holders to commercialise in tandem with their real-world assets via cross-world corporate sponsorship packages.

Drive next-gen fan engagement

Leverage our dedicated sports sim product suite with rights holder partners to amplify in-game realism for players and fans.

Partner Case Studies


StatusPRO integrates Bidstack Sports tech across all 30 virtual stadiums within the fully licensed NFL and NFLPA virtual reality (VR) simulation game, providing NFL teams with a dedicated platform to manage in-stadium content activation and fan communications.

Washington Commanders

The Washington Commanders were the first NFL club to partner with Bidstack Sports to extend their reach into immersive simulation IP, establishing new value for partners and intensifying relationships with their passionate fanbase.

SimWin Sports

SimWin Sports, the virtual sports entertainment platform, partnered with Bidstack Sports to underpin their stadium sponsorship and marketing ecosystem. Their franchise owners are able to utilise our technology to manage and commercialise virtual stadiums within the SimWin universe.

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