Ad formats overview

Static or dynamic, direct or programmatic

We serve authentic and realistic ads into games to help brands reach their target audience and to help game developers monetise their titles without disrupting the player experience.

We utilise IAB standard sizes for all of our programmatic in-game campaigns and custom sizes for some direct campaigns

You can learn more about the different creative sizes we utilise, the in-game environments that work best, and our creative specs below.

Which environments work best?

Stadium environments

We serve ads into stadium environments for PC, VR and Mobile games. These are typically sports games that feature advertising spaces, such as hoardings or LED boards that appear around the action (e.g. pitches, rinks, rings, octagons, fields and courts).

These ads can be static or animated, and our design team are on hand to ensure our partners get the most from their campaigns with best-in-class creative support.

Racing environments 

Our intrinsic ads are served into high fidelity, triple AAA racing titles and mobile games without affecting performance.

Ads in racing environments are typically static and allow brands to build brand awareness with their target audience. Our racing inventory covers trackside hoardings, the start/finish line of races, and flags and banners throughout each race.

Open world environments

In-game advertising is not just limited to sporting titles – ads can also be inserted into a number of spaces within open-world games.

This covers cityscapes, billboards, branded vehicles, buildings and other surfaces within virtual worlds where gamers might expect to see advertising in everyday life.

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