Take control of how you monetise your In-Game inventory

Bidstack’s AdConsole is the most advanced ad platform for publishers to manage and monetise In-Game advertisement opportunities to generate incremental revenue

Sophisticated technology serving ads natively matching publishers game play environments.

The Bidstack ad server is built to give game developers complete control over who, where, and how in-game ads are served into their games. Through AdConsole, you will be able to monetise your audience effortlessly and enable your sales and operational teams to manage and deliver paid campaigns or run house ads.

Bespoke SSP enabling publishers comprehensive yield management control.

Bidstack’s proprietary supply side platform (SSP) is the world’s only custom built SSP which allows publishers to trade in-game ads programmatically. The Bidstack SSP enables publishers to have direct commercial agreements with agencies and brands, along with features that offer greater control over yield and programmatic relationships.

Largest in-game marketplace servicing publishers with a breadth of revenue opportunities.

Bidstack’s Marketplace gives publishers access to a breadth of revenue through Bidstack’s platform, AdConsole. Combining the sales efforts of approved partners and the Bidstack sales team, the Bidstack Marketplace monetises audiences across every corner of the world, with or without a sales team.

Market leading independent ad quality platform stopping bad ads.

Pubguard, a subsidiary company of Bidstack Group PLC, is an ad quality-management platform. The Pubguard platform analyses and monitors every ad impression, then reports any bad ads through a self service dashboard giving publishers full visibility on who and how to best report bad ads that may disrupt user retention.