Deliver in-game ads at scale to your requirements

Bidstack’s AdConsole is the most comprehensive In-Game ad platform, allowing advertisers a choice of media-buying methods from bespoke executions to programmatic campaigns.

World class in-game ad server enabling advertisers to show ads as they should be seen

Bidstack is built to effortlessly deliver your campaigns with granular targeting, in-depth reporting on campaign performance and audience metrics. Reach gamers like never before, whether it’s high-scale reach or esport tournaments through the Bidstack ad server in Ad Console.

Specialist in-game SSP standardising the gaming and advertising worlds

Buy in-game ads programmatically through world-renowned DSPs through Bidstack’s platform, Ad Console. The Bidstack SSP is fully OpenRTB compatible, allowing you to activate programmatic campaigns to industry standards and increase operational efficiency through familiar execution methods

Largest in-game marketplace enabling advertisers to activate in-game ads at scale across premium games

Access a range of in-game inventory, from PC to mobile titles, via the Bidstack Marketplace through Bidstack’s platform, AdConsole. Partner with Bidstack through the accreditation programme and learn how to expand your business by accessing the best in-game inventory in the world.