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Access ad performance data in real-time

Utilise Bidstack’s AdConsole to discover real-time insights and data on how advertising campaigns are performing in-game.

AdConsole makes life easier for advertisers and game developers.

AdConsole is our analytics and reporting service which allows both advertisers and game developers access to a suite of tools designed to make life easier.

Monitor campaign progress, manage creative approvals, analyse inventory and track key performance metrics with live-data through our user-friendly interface.

For brands and advertisers

Set up for success

AdConsole allows brands and advertisers to take control of their campaign from creation all the way through to completion.

Set-up is simple and allows you to frequency-cap, age-gate, day-part and target your campaign to a tailored audience based on deterministic data such as geo-location, device and platform.

Measure campaign performance

Once your campaign is set live, AdConsole allows you to monitor progress via our custom dashboards. Here you can evaluate performance across a number of different data points.

Keep track of your campaign’s health with transparent data on impressions served, sessions, unique users, pacing and the games your ad is being served into.

For game developers

Keep track in real-time

Track key performance metrics, such as fill rates, impressions served and revenue earned, and compare performance across our portfolio of titles.

Check live campaigns, review historical campaigns, view how ads are being displayed in-game and monitor your inventory all in one place.

Protect your games

Protecting your artwork and respecting the player experience is our first priority, which is why we hand you the power to decide which ads appear in your games.

Monitor new campaigns in real-time, review proposed in-game creatives and approve them all in one place.

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