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Monetise your game with in-game ads

Bidstack help game developers to monetise their games across multiple platforms. Our technology serves campaigns into naturally occuring spaces in a game’s environment – boosting revenues without breaking immersion for players.

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Connecting with Bidstack couldn’t be easier. Our simple API allows developers to integrate tailored adverts into their PC, console or mobile games with ease. 

Earn your fair share

Bidstack’s revenue share model makes sure that developers earn their fair share from advertising campaigns. By helping our advertisers to effectively interact with a difficult to reach gaming audience, we make sure that they benefit too.

Earn with confidence

Our in-house compliance team guarantee that ads displayed within our games are high quality, and our two-tier approval system means that our partners always have the final say on the ads that are served.

The integration of bidstack’s technology into Football Manager has been seamless. This has not only given us huge flexibility in who we partner with, it also allows us take advantage of dynamic opportunities in what has become a very fast-moving marketplace. Most important for us, however, is the fact that all of this has been achieved without any negative impact on the game’s authenticity. A job well done by bidstack.
— Dr Tom Markham - Head of Strategic Business Development at Sports Interactive

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